With technology that’s been designed to take your performance to the edge, LIMITS isn’t just a smart power meter,
it’s also incredibly powerful.



With LIMITS and the use of power data you can train as efficiently as possible. Only by measuring your power output can you find the effort you’re expending over time to reliably measure improvements, sustainability and efficiency. Because power is the foundation for superior cycling performance, you simply cannot ignore it!

Thanks to LIMITS you can take full advantage of measuring your power because it’s extremely easy to install and interchange between bikes; LIMITS fits all standard crank arms and pedals.


What LIMITS Measures


Cadence is the rate at which you pedal, measured in revolutions per minute. LIMITS uses an inclinometer to measure your cadence. The inclinometer is highly accurate (detecting rotational change of sub 1 degree) and does not require the use of additional magnets.

Torque is the product of the force provided by the rider and the length of the lever-arm or crank. The LIMITS power meter measures the true force input by you to drive the bike forward. The true force is measured by precision strain gauges.

Power is a product of cadence and torque.
Power output is how much energy you are providing over time. By knowing both power and heart rate, you can accurately measure your efficiency and significantly extend your peak performance. LIMITS gives you accurate, reliable power measurements in real time, allowing you to power your performance.