Push Your Limits Smart

Cycling is about pushing your LIMITS; so are we!
LIMITS is here – revolutionary economical,
truly interchangeable and the simplest ever to install and use.



At an unbelievable price, LIMITS is designed to make cycling power meters affordable,
so all cyclists can power their performance.
LIMITS is available for just $310.
Such a price makes it possible for everyone to own a power meter.

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Every aspect of LIMITS is designed to give you efficiency.
It is truly interchangeable and compatible with every type of bicycle. For the first time, a bicycle power meter is located between the pedal and crank arm. And for the first time you can be flexible and move LIMITS between bicycles.

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LIMITS takes user-friendly to the next level. Its unique design allows it to sit between the pedal and crack arm. This means that no replacement parts or specialised tools are required. Removal and fitting of the pedal is easily achieved with standard bike tools.

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With technology that's been designed to take your performance to the edge, LIMITS isn't just a smart power meter, it's also incredibly powerful! Not only designed to be efficient and easy to use, but also engineered to measure and transmit your power input reliably and consistently. It comes with a standard battery, waterproof to IPX7 standard, shock resistance and temperature compensation, so you can maximize your training efforts and performance.

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