An update on LIMITS shipping schedule

Dear LIMITS friends,

On Thursday, we mentioned that we will provide a shipping update and we hoped to have completed bulk ship of all LIMITS by the end of September. Unfortunately, although we’ve been working hard and doing all we can to complete shipping we faced a new challenge.

Specifically, we experienced a problem with the bonding of silver units which resulted in having to stop the build and rework the rear covers on all silver units.

Thankfully we’ve resolved the issue, but as you can imagine this has affected our shipping schedule. So, we’ve managed to release the remaining products, black and silver, for the UK and this is now due for arrival at our office tomorrow from where it will be shipped to each of you.

We are now working with our manufacturer on the production of the remaining silver products and we’ll keep you posted on the bulk delivery schedule.

Thank you all for your  support and patience!


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