An Update from LIMITS team

Dear LIMITS friends,

First and foremost we’d like to thank you for your continued and overwhelming support and apologize for the slow speed in communication since our last update but we’ve been working non-stop to finalise the qualification phase and production setup.

Although most tasks have been completed successfully, we have unfortunately encountered some issues we needed to improve, to ensure the product is fit for purpose.

Whilst regrettable, such unforeseen hurdles are in their very nature the essence of product development and today we’d like to share details that you wouldn’t know if you weren’t part of LIMITS creative process and this project.


During repeat lock and unlock testing of the battery end caps we witnessed deformation of the locking mechanism and stress cracking of the end cap which could lead to a failure. We have made the required design changes and authorised the tooling changes and we’re expecting to receive the final samples within the next five days.


As you know from a previous power data posting we were witnessing some disparity in the power data, particulalrlyat the higher end of the power range. The cause of this has been identified and a fix is now implemented and under test. The fix does involve a change to the PCB hardware which will be qualified this week.

Please see below power data from our latest runs showing close tracking to the industry standard but power divergence as discussed above.


We are breaking new ground in defining a volume production process for our strain gage to load cell bonding. We use solid state strain gages that are 0.4×2.2mm dimension so extremely small. Key to the process is the yieldand we have now developed a volume process that gives us acceptable yields of a greater than 95% first time pass To date we have conducted a number of pilot builds to fine tune the process and plan to conduct one further pilot build next week after which we should be in a position to start the PVT followed by volume ramp up.

Delivery schedule

What does all this mean? It’s really regrettable but it means that PVT will unfortunately be delayed until early March with volume production following on directly after a successful PVT.

Therefore, our plan to send LIMITS for peer review requires that we’ll provide samples to independent reviewers in mid-March and we’ll then ship to the first batch of supporters at the beginning of April.

We apologise for this further delay and we understand that some of you may feel disappointed that you haven’t received your LIMITS yet but you’d be even more frustrated if what you received something which wasn’t what you were hoping for.

Power Data 22 Feb

From LIMITS team – a huge THANK YOU

Please be assured that we hear your feedback and we’re constantly learning and trying to improve as we’re working hard to and overcome all the unexpected troubles we’re facing and bring this new project from concept to completion. Our sincere apologies for this further delay but we need to get this right!

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