Power, Cadence and Temperature via ANT+

Dear LIMITS friends,

Happy Monday! We always think that one of the best ways to interact with LIMITS community is to raise awareness about each step we make forward and share with you why it’s important for LIMITS development.

In previous updates last week, we wrote about the arrival of the populated PCBs and successful ‘over the air’ updates via Bluetooth. This week we want to share with you more exciting news and keep you posted on our positive progress on LIMITS hardware.

Power, Cadence and Temperature via ANT+

We all know how important it is for a power meter to ensure that its hardware and technology features are reliable, sustainable and efficient.

So, today we very pleased to confirm that the new hardware is transmitting Power, Cadence and Temperature data over ANT+.

Power Cadence

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On behalf of LIMITS team – we are incredibly thankful for your support and we’ll keep posting updates so you can follow every detail of LIMITS creation.

Thank you for all your ideas and feedback and we welcome all your questions if they’re not answered in our posts.

Important announcement

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