Today you’ll be introduced to our impact and dynamic testers!

Dear LIMITS friends,

We’re very pleased to share with you more exciting news on our progress as today you’ll be introduced to our impact and dynamic testers!

During the past months we’ve been working hard bringing LIMITS to life and it has been an extraordinary ride. We’re constantly inspired by all of you – the LIMITS community and all our efforts are focused on completing the development and qualification of LIMITS and we would like to keep you updated on our progress.

So, today we’re delighted to announce the delivery of our impact and dynamic testers that will enable us to put LIMITS to the acid test and run it through impact and dynamic tests according to the various requirements for bike components.

Dynamic test jig


The impact tester will allow us to conduct the pedal impact test with the LIMITS in situ. The dynamic tester will allow us to conduct a dynamic durability test on LIMITS. Both tests will be run in accordance with the ISO standard for safety requirements for bicycles pedal and drive system test methods. These two tests in conjunction with the already successful outcome of the static strength test will give us the confidence that LIMITS is robust enough for purpose.

Impact test jig
We hope you enjoy the images of the testers today and please think of it as a preview as more photos and videos will follow soon!

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