Today we want to announce some changes for moving forward with the LIMITS project.

Dear LIMITS friends,

Your feedback matters to us and today we want to announce some changes for moving forward with the LIMITS project. 

Our primary focus of late has been on the LIMITS development, qualification and manufacturing. We admit that we were not prepared for the severe delays and a number of issues we faced which distracted us from keeping you properly informed. We appreciate that you, the backers and the community, are the backbone to the project and without you there would be no LIMITS, so we are listening to your feedback and are making changes to our communication.

We appreciate that your main concern is on the delivery schedule and to address this we will provide a full and concise update on Monday 8th August. We will then start to work through the individual emails and comments addressing your queries and concerns. We will start this activity on Monday but ask that you give us a few days to respond to each of you individually. Please be assured that you will receive your LIMITS!

Additionally, we recently decided to separate all logistics questions and created Our plan is to use this email account to respond to all outstanding address changes and confirmation emails by close of business today, 5th August. For all other questions and feedback you may have, we’d like to ask you email

Let us not forget our goal, that is to bring an affordable, 100% compatible power meter to you the end user. You will receive your LIMITS, that is our commitment to you and we thank you for your patience.


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