This week we’ve been focusing on your technical queries

Dear LIMITS friends,

Thank you for all the great responses and emails from you. Your feedback is invaluable to us as it enables us to improve LIMITS and enhance your user experience.

This week we’ve been focusing on your technical queries and everyone who has emailed should have received a direct reply by now.

Additionally, we’ve created a database so we can track all your feedback and manage the issues you are reporting efficiently.

Your feedback

The key issue reported is fluctuating power measurements and this has been addressed internally.

So, we are pleased to announce that we’ll be releasing a new revision of firmware on Monday to address the key reason behind these fluctuations. Additionally, we will release an iOS and Android app which will allow you to easily update your LIMITS in the field.

Answers to your most common questions:

Importance of torque It is recommended to torque to indicated Nm but if you do not have a torque driver then ensure you have torqued adequately to ensure neither the pedal or LIMITS will work loose
Significance of calibration value The calibration value is the LIMITS angle of install in relation to the crank arm
Calibration position The LIMITS must be calibrated in the 6 o’clock position
Head set setup We recommend setting you head set up with 30seconds averaging on power; Include zeros and 1 sec recording
Zero power output If you have zero power output please ensure you have correctly calibrated LIMITS
Wake-up / sleep time out LIMITS will go in to sleep mode after 80secs, rotate pedals to wake up
LED sequence and detecting LIMITS When you first insert the batteries the blue LED will come on as LIMITS initialises, it is not possible to pair with LIMITS during this period. Once the blue LED goes out you can pair with LIMITS
Battery life in FAQ Battery life is approximately 200hrs

Please note that we’re also in the process of updating our website and our goal is to provide you the best user experience. Hence, we will soon add these to the FAQs section and add a new support area.

Delivery schedule

We know a number of you have been asking about delivery schedule and timeline. Please let us get back to you on Monday, once we have a definitive answer from our logistics partner. In the meantime, we can confirm that we have manufactured 1850 LIMITS products to date.

Once again, thank you for your continued support and feedback!


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