These last few weeks marked a couple of much anticipated milestones for LIMITS

Dear LIMITS friends,

These last few weeks marked a couple of much anticipated milestones for LIMITS.


First, we’re finally now in the process of delivering LIMITS units to backers so we ramp up manufacturing and push towards our first bulk shipment. So far we’ve shipped 75 units to the UK which we’ll start releasing this week & we’ve also completed the final PVT testing. In the meantime, we’ve been ramping up manufacturing with 240 LIMITS spindles bonded & a scheduled build of 300 LIMITS for this week. Following this, we plan to build 500 per week allowing us to start making bulk shipments into various geographical territories over the coming 4-6 weeks to fulfil all orders.


Although we’d love to fulfil the orders quicker by shipping smaller batch quantities; unfortunately the cost of the logistics is prohibitive so we’re working with our logistics agent to resolve this.

Our plan is to ship in minimum quantities of 500 into the various hubs for onward distribution to the backers. We know this means that some of you may need to wait a few more weeks but we’re so close now and we’re confident that all backers will receive their units within the following 4-6 weeks.

Please note that it won’t be possible to change your shipping address after 30 June, so if you wish to update your details please email

Independent testing

As you may be aware, DC Rainmaker has received a sample of the product and is conducting some preliminary testing.

We greatly appreciate this independent feedback and support and we’ve been in contact with DC so we can work closely with him to address all points he has raised and make all necessary changes to LIMITS.

British Junior Cycling Championships

LIMITS creators were proud to personally sponsor the British Cycling Junior Road Series Tour of the Kingdom, organised By Spokes Racing Team. Please see more details here

Le Grand Trophee – Le Trophée de L’Oisans

Our test rider is taking part in the Le Trophee de L’Oisans ride in France and he is riding with a LIMITS power meter. Le Trophée de l’Oisans is a competition consisting of four cycling events during the week of La Marmotte the first of which was yesterday’s La Vaujany where he was the first Brit across the line finishing in 21st position.


We’ll be attending Eurobike show and we’re now in the process of finalising a booth; once details of booth location are confirmed we’ll let you all know and you’re welcome to come along and pay us a visit.


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