The populated PCBs for LIMITS are here

Dear LIMITS friends,

An impressive number of you, the LIMITS community, have responded to our latest update about the form factor PCB for LIMITS with great enthusiasm. We’re very pleased with your response as it is clear to those backers, who were concerned about our development schedule that we’re making meaningful progress towards delivering LIMITS.

A lot more interesting things have happened in the last few days and today we’re excited to update you on our progress with another post as we work towards launching LIMITS.

In today’s development update, we would like to share with you that we received the populated PCBs for LIMITS and for the first time we are releasing an image for you.

PCB's 30 Sept

We will soon accompany this with more images and information on our progress, as our technical team focus on commissioning the hardware, a key milestone in the LIMITS Development Phase.

Please stay tuned for more news and be sure to expect our next development progress update in the next few days.

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