The first wave of LIMITS orders has began! Today we answer some of your questions:

Dear LIMITS friends,

The first wave of LIMITS orders has began and we received great input from you regarding LIMITS. Today we want to answer some of your questions:

  1. The left crank arm with LIMITS MUST be positioned straight down (6 o’clock position), with no load applied to the pedal, and the bike in the vertical position.  If the left crank arm is not straight down or the bike not vertical the calibration will fail.  LIMITS update 0509
  2. The default crank length set in LIMITS is 172.5mm, if you use a different crank length please refer to the instructions provided with your head set to change the crank length.
  1. If you do not have a torque driver do not worry the tightness is not too important as long as it does not change during a ride. The quoted figure comes from pedal manufacturers recommendations.
  1. The number you see from the calibration is what we call the install angle. This represents the orientation of the unit with respect to the crank arm and this varies from crank to crank. We calibrate for both offset and install angle.

For all technical queries we have set up a new contact point at and would ask that you direct all technical questions through this address.

Shipping continues

We have been working closely with our distribution partner and continue fulfilling your orders. If there is something unclear regarding your contribution please get in touch with us at for technical support, for shipping product delivery support and for general inquiries.

We greatly appreciate your support and we will keep you updated on our progress.

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