Take a look inside LIMITS box

Dear LIMITS friends,

In a couple previous updates, we shared with you a the first sample of LIMITS packaging. This time, we’d like to take a look inside the LIMITS box and give everyone a better understanding of the product through this short video  and images below:


Take a look inside LIMITS box

limits story board 28-1-16-096 1

The LIMITS Box is a compact 10 x 5 x 8cm

limits story board 28-1-16-079 2
Once you remove the outer sleeve the box opens a bit like a jewellery box to reveal card holder containing the install guide and Cycling Analytics free trial card 

limits story board 28-1-16-065 inside 1
Looking inside the box we can see the non-sensing and sensing elements of LIMITS

limits story board 28-1-16-071n 3

Removing the top layer reveals the accessories required to install LIMITS

limits story board 28-1-16-072 4

The full box contents showing the LIMITS, accessories and spares

So there it is the full LIMITS package. Over the next week or two we will be posting videos of how to install and remove your LIMITS.


From LIMITS team, thank you for being with us every step on the way and bringing us ever closer to making LIMITS a reality.

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