Our favourite moments from T3 Awards

LIMITS team is back from T3 Awards and our key takeaway from the event is that it is an exciting time to be looking at smart ways to revolutionize cycling technology with LIMITS!
During the recent T3 Awards – the celebration of the most innovative tech products that have shone the brightest in the last 12 months, LIMITS was honoured to be among the 9 best tech Indiegogo campaigns.

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T3 Awards was a fantastic event and a perfect opportunity for us to understand how cyclists and tech fans interact with their training and power meters. As visitors approached our booth and interacted with LIMITS prototypes, we were so pleased to hear in their own words that LIMITS will enable them to receive the data the need to push their limits and meet their training goals. Especially with its unique combination of interchangeability, user-friendliness and affordability.

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Among our favourite moments from the event is when we met Jason Bradbury, the host of The Gadget Show US & The Gadget Show UK. It was an absolute pleasure and an honour to hear that Jason is a LIMITS fan – as you can read on his Twitter.    

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