LIMITS is now an official ANT+ member

Dear LIMITS friends,

Hello and welcome to the first post of LIMITS power meter of November! Our weekly posts and development news round-ups are some of our favourite moments in LIMITS production journey, as they enable us to share with you all the exciting things happening within our team. So, what is the most intriguing story for LIMITS this week?

LIMITS power meter technology is now an official ANT+ member

When it comes to wireless sensor technology, most of us think of ANT+ as it has fundamentally changed the fitness and sport technology sectors.

Just a few weeks ago, we’ve applied for ANT+ membership and today we’re delighted to announce that LIMITS power meter technology is now an official ANT+ member.


As you can see in the image above and in the ANT+ website, there are many world innovators and industry leaders which have adopted ANT+.

With our smart technology that’s been designed to take your performance to the edge, it’s not surprising why LIMITS has also chosen to adopt ANT+ technology.

Going forward, there’s plenty of exciting developments in LIMITS mechanical design so please stay tuned!

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