LIMITS Industrial ID nears completion!

Dear LIMITS friends,

It’s Friday! And what better way to treat our awesome supporters than by sharing that LIMITS Industrial ID nears completion.

Limits July

So, we’re excited as it’s been a week of great progress here at LIMITS. Our amazing technical team have been hard at work finalising the industrial design and after exhaustive discussions in house and detailed feedback from our tooling vendor, we are delighted to announce that we are in a position to proceed with T1 parts for evaluation. With the excellent progress on the spindle reported earlier in the week, we can also confirm that we will have final mechanical samples in house in the very near future! This will allow us to push forward with product evaluation.

As with the spindle component of the LIMITS product these mechanical samples will allow us to test the quality, reliability, and manufacturability of our components.

More exciting times ahead to follow – on receipt of the mechanical parts! Please stay tuned for more updates and news on our progress next week.

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