LIMITS Engineering Verification Yields Incremental Improvements and Momentum is Building!

It’s been another busy week at LIMITS, full of excitement and progress. Characterization work in our headquarters in Scotland, has yielded incremental improvements in the linearity and manufacturability of our main spindle component. Thanks to our in-house fatigue tester and a number of other fixtures we are quickly able to make detailed evaluations of components and are now on our fifth and final generation of the LIMITS spindle, each offering an improvement in performance.

In addition to the destructive testing and compliance with ISO standard ISO 4210-8:2014(E) Part 8: Pedals and drive-system test methods, it is important to quantify the linearity, repeatability and manufacturability of our components. This is exactly what the Engineering Validation Phase is all about and involves a lot of diligence in characterizing every detail of a statistically significant population.


Building momentum

As we are moving into this week with great momentum, we will have very exciting news to share with you very soon! Stay tuned and be sure to follow our news on LIMITS crowdfunding campaign, Facebook & Twitter.

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