Firmware & delivery schedule update

Dear LIMITS backers,

As mentioned in our last update, we have been working on a firmware update to address fluctuating power measurements. While we were expecting to release this on Monday, we had to spend more time fine-tuning the updated process and as it’s our first in-the-field firmware update we also asked for feedback from independent testers regarding the update procedure.

Firmware update

So, today we’re pleased to announce that a firmware update is available via an iOS App in our website at the following link. Please read the instructions carefully and contact if you have any questions. We are working on the Android and Windows based Apps and hope to release these very soon, we’ll keep you posted!

Shipping schedule

We’ve been working closely with our logistics company to find the best way to ship LIMITS to you and we now have more clarity and details about shipping schedule.

Unfortunately, we cannot ship individual products from our manufacturer across the globe as this is very cost prohibitive. This means that we have to ship bulk into territories and then ship to individual addresses within those territories.

To resolve this, we have split the territories as below:

Territory Schedule
UK/Ireland In progress due for completion week ending the 23rd September
USA/Canada Due to bulk ship week ending the 23rd September
Japan/Australia/Singapore/New Zealand/Hong Kong/Republic of Korea/Taiwan/Malaysia/


Indonesia/Colombia/United Arb Emirates

Due to bulk ship week ending the 23rd September


Slovenia/Poland/Greece/Austria/Czech Republic/EU

Due to bulk ship week ending the 30th September

Of course, we appreciate that this might be a little later than what you expected but please remember we’re shipping hundreds of units so we had to figure out a plan to fulfil all orders in the most efficient manner possible.

Additionally, in light of initial feedback from the field we will update all products to the latest firmware before shipping, our goal is to ship all units by the end of the month.

Thanks again for all the support!


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