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Dear LIMITS friends,

Over the past two weeks we’ve been in conversations with many of you who have received your LIMITS and we want to thank you for your feedback as it’s invaluable to help us making continuous improvements. Today’s post covers some issues you’ve highlighted and answers to your questions.

Battery Life

Having received some detailed feedback from various backers who are experiencing poor battery life, it has become clear that most people are replacing the batteries with LR44 or AG13 both of which are Alkaline cells. The batteries in LIMITS should be replaced with SR44 batteries; the SR44 is a Silver-oxide battery that will provide extra capacity compared to LR44/AG13 Alkaline types and most importantly it has a slightly different voltage characteristic meaning you will not see premature low or critical battery warnings. The performance of LIMITS was measured using silver-oxide batteries so using Alkaline batteries may degraded the performance of LIMITS.

Power Data Still Fluctuating

Again thanks to those who have provided their power data as it enables us to compare and analyze your data with ours and draw conclusions. The conclusion was that we needed to adjust a hysteresis value in the firmware. We have subsequently done this and have units under test to determine the impact/improvement. We will update you early next week on the outcome of the testing.

Battery End Caps

We are aware that a number of you have seen split battery end caps and we are currently working on a solution for this. We’ve asked a number of backers to work with us on the proposed solution to get a broader feedback and we hope to release a model drawing this week so we can move forward quickly and address this issue.

Thanks again for your feedback and remember we’re here to help so if you encounter any further technical issues, please report to

P.S: We have a logistics meeting later this afternoon so we’ll provide a shipping update tomorrow.


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