Our Story

The story of LIMITS starts in 2014, when, inspired by our cycling passion, we decided to create the world’s most affordable power meter. A training tool which would remove all existing limitations and revolutionalize power meters. A power meter made by cyclists who understand exactly what other cyclists need to push their limits.


And that’s where the idea of LIMITS comes in. It meant creating a truly unique power meter. Economical – to make power meters accessible to cyclists at every level. Interchangeable – compatible with all types of bikes with no need to replace any parts, and designed with quick to install and ease of use in mind.

At the heart of LIMITS design is the understanding of your needs. As a pro cyclist, you want the best power meter, with proven technology and accurate and repeatable readings that will help provide the winning edge when it comes to competing. As an amateur cyclist, you want access to the same training tools as the pros but without the prohibitively expensive cost. As a cycling enthusiast, you want an affordable product that will support you in becoming the best you can be.

Our vision – a power meter that offers all cyclists the real-time data they need to power their performance, at a price point they can afford and with a solution they can use every day.

Our mission is to become a seamless and essential part of your training routine and to support you in becoming the best you can be by removing any limitations and enabling you to push your LIMITS; this is why our mantra is

Push your limits smart