A short update on our progress this week

Dear LIMITS friends,

Recently, we shared with you that we’ve identified a bug that caused power inaccuracies. Today’s post includes more details and a progress update on this.

This past week we have been drilling down to find the root cause and can confirm that it is not a mechanical or a hardware issue but a firmware one. Our analysis has highlighted that the calculation of the tangential forces can, on some occasions, be incorrectly calculated causing inaccurate power readings. We have further narrowed the cause of this down to a filtering issue and have released a new version of firmware for qualification over this weekend.

In the meantime, as the issue is not related to mechanics or hardware, we continue to manufacture LIMITS which we will upgrade with the new firmware at the end of the line. We currently have 440 LIMITS in process in production and about 200 units here in the UK, which we will also update with the new firmware.

For those of you who already have a LIMITS, we will release a new firmware with an app for you to upgrade your LIMITS in the field.

Thanks again for your support, much more to follow soon!

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