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Dear LIMITS friends,

We are deeply sorry that we’ve fallen further behind schedule and we didn’t manage to start shipping in April, as projected in our last update, but moving from pilot builds to ramp up led to an unacceptable yield hit during the bonding process.

We understand that you’d expected us to immediately notify you about the situation but we were really hoping to overcome this issue quickly. We also feel terrible that some of you have expressed disappointment about not having addressed this since our last update but we were convinced that we’d quickly address this and bring good news to you.

The issue we encountered was a significant yield hit when we moved from the controlled pilot builds to volume ramp up due to an issue with the clamping jigs and adhesive overflow. It would be easy to continue to build out product and ship what was yielded but poor yields need to be addressed to ensure there are no latent issues in the yielded product.

We have always been driven by our desire to contribute to the cycling community and show our appreciation with creating LIMITS. We’re aware that the project has taken considerably more time than originally anticipated and we might have been slow in communication but we are committed to deliver this product to you and we promise that we will make things right.

We have spent the last two weeks stripping back and working through every step of the bonding process identifying two significant issues, bond clamp jig not operating as expected and bonding process resulting in an overflow of adhesive. The clamp issue we have addressed and have put in a temporary solution for the adhesive overflow which resulted in a 100% yield from today’s build, a step in the right direction! All yielded product is on its way back to the UK where we will run final tests before releasing to backers!

Please bare with us as we’re working hard to resolve these issues. We really appreciate your support and will keep you posted.


LIMITS Creators

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