A follow-up to our latest blog to give you an update of our current status.

Dear LIMITS friends,

As a follow-up to our latest blog – we’ve written a new post to give you an update of our current status.

In an earlier update 2 weeks ago, we reported a bug that caused power inaccuracies. Although we’ve made progress on the issue with our calibration repeatability, we concluded that this is not related to a single point of failure and as such we are still working through the code debugging, analysing, and qualifying at each step.

So, progress is being made and we are well aware of the importance to provide you a new delivery schedule however we feel that we cannot commit to a date until we resolve this calibration issue. Hence, although our goal was, and still is, to ship all product August through early September, we’ve decided to be as open and transparent as possible and explain the difficulty we’re facing with you.

We know you are very keen to receive your LIMITS and we are just as keen to ship them but unfortunately we are not ready yet.

We do however continue to build with 200 units here in the UK, a further 500 units on their way and a further 500 scheduled for this week which will results in a total of 1200 units waiting on a simple code update before shipping.

The team are focused on fixing this issue and we will update you later in the week as to our progress, good or bad.


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